Our Journey

Looking for a “Why” brings us to the Right Place

The Journey of miles starts with the first step! Yes, the seeds of ATRNO are rooted in the same thought. We have started it as a Crypto Token but realize that the world has many problems.

Our initial research shows “Why”? This “why” brings us a way to find more questions. The first question appears in terms of transaction fees and time consumption while transferring the payment through crypto. We later performed a survey and found that merchants are refusing to accept payment through crypto but it got back to us again to the mainstream issue - Higher transaction fees and time.

That day, we have decided to do every possible way to deal with this issue. Then, we loaded some more projections in our idea and initiated to make a “Hub for All”. Our ecosystem now includes diversified platforms - Aeternus Travel, Aeternus Recharge & Bill Payment, Aeternus Gaming, Aeternus Online Education, Aeternus Shopping & Aeternus Insurance.

Our crypto projects work as water on the fire on every single challenge.


We are on a mission to bring Cryptocurrency to the Forefront of Everything. We want to redefine digital transactions. We're committed to transparency, eliminating hidden charges, and speeding up cryptocurrency transactions. With a focus on trust and reliability, ATRNO offers a seamless digital experience. Our goal is to transform cryptocurrency into a versatile tool, making it accessible and practical for everyday and business use. Prioritizing user convenience and security, ATRNO simplifies complexities, empowering swift, secure, and fee-free transactions.


In envisioning the future, we see ATRNO as the primary currency driving global economies. Our vision extends beyond borders, where ATRNO is not just a cryptocurrency but a universal medium of exchange, widely accepted and adopted. We aspire to witness a world where ATRNO is synonymous with efficiency, simplicity, and accessibility in financial transactions. We anticipate a reality where transactions are executed in mere seconds, revolutionizing the way people conduct business, trade, and engage in everyday transactions.